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Red wine vs resveratrol as cancer fighters

Headline August 8, 2013: Red wine protects from colon cancer “According to a study … from researchers at SUNY Stony Brook which compared the drinking habits of red and white wine drinkers with similar lifestyles … consuming three or more glasses of red wine a week may help to reduce the risk of colon cancer. They found that drinking red wine reduced the risk of colon cancer by 68 per cent while drinking white wine did not. The researchers believe it is the resveratrol in red wine that provides the protection.”
Headline August 10, 2013: Dietary supplement resveratrol is unlikely to have impact on cancer“…researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina, USA, report results from a study of resveratrol in healthy human volunteers. They found that oral resveratrol is actually broken down to an inactive form very rapidly, so it’s unlikely that supplements have any effect.”
Is it possible that both of these findings are true? The answer is yes, but only if it is something other than th…